You’ve managed to save for retirement and for your children’s education. And you’ve accumulated wealth that you would like to see grow. Hilltop Bank’s financial professionals can help you put your money to work.

Around the block or around the world, we draw directly on knowledgeable professionals with global expertise. For you, that means local convenience and Hilltop Bank integrity combined with the broadest array of investment opportunities—a winning combination.

Investment Agency Accounts

Your Trust Officer will help you reach your goals by using our extensive research and financial analysis tools. We will consider a variety of factors specific to your individual situation such as income needs, tax situation, tolerance for market volatility, and time horizon. We can then develop an investment strategy based on your specific needs and provide continuing asset management services to achieve your goals.

  • Investments tailored to your needs
  • Initial development and implementation of investment plan
  • Annual portfolio reviews
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of portfolio

Foundations and Endowments

Foundations, endowments, and non-profit organizations face unique financial challenges and require professional support from an experienced partner. The Hilltop Bank Trust Department is able to offer the investment management and advice that enables such organizations to manage and protect their assets while allowing them to grow. Each organization receives a customized investment policy based solely on their needs and goals so they can concentrate on carrying out their mission.

  • Investment management
  • Assistance with creation of Investment Policy
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting of portfolio
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Our philosophy is to provide a high level of personalized and professional services to our clients; therefore, all investments are tailored specifically in accordance with an agreed-upon Investment Policy. Client information and discussion paired with an Investment Policy drive the risk/return assessment and lead to the construction of a portfolio based upon the specific goals of the client.

Stop by our Trust Department or call (307) 577-3470 to contact a representative.