We are thrilled to share big news with you regarding the growth of Hilltop Bank. On November 15, 2023, Hilltop Bank opened an office in Cheyenne. The office is located at 325 W. 18th Street, Suite 1. The new office will focus initially on providing Trust and Wealth Management services as well as commercial lending. We are pursuing plans to provide a full-service branch in Cheyenne in the future.

We are expanding in Cheyenne to grow and build on our legacy to be the best bank for the communities and people we serve. We are proud of our Wyoming heritage and are thrilled to establish this new office in our state’s capital.

We do not anticipate any changes to the way you bank because of this expansion. If you have questions about the impact of this transaction on your banking, please stop by any branch location and one of our bankers will be glad to answer them. Alternatively, you can call (307) 265-2740 to speak with one of us.

Thank you for banking with Hilltop Bank.


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Greg Dixson
President and CEO, Hilltop Bank


Q1: Why did Hilltop open an office in Cheyenne?

A1: We opened our new office in Cheyenne to expand our business and be the best bank in Wyoming and for the communities and the people we serve.

Q2: What regulatory approvals were required for the new office to begin operating?

A2: Hilltop’s primary regulator, the OCC, does not require approval for a production office; however, the Bank has filed an application to establish a temporary branch. This application was approved on 11/15/23. This decision allows Hilltop to expand services that would not be allowed with a production office. Although it was not required, the Wyoming State Banking Commission has also been notified of the expansion.

Q3: What services are offered at the Cheyenne office initially?

A3: Our initial focus is Trust and Wealth Management services along with commercial lending. Our research shows there is a need for more of these services in Cheyenne, especially when they are offered by a Wyoming bank that empowers local decision-making.

Q4: How many employees do you expect to be employed in Cheyenne?

A4: The exact number of employees has not been identified at this time.

Q5: What can customers in Cheyenne expect?

A5: Our new customers in Cheyenne will receive personal attention from local folks dedicated to taking care of their Trust and Wealth Management needs. We have significant expertise in these areas and are pleased to offer these services to our current and future Cheyenne customers.

Q6: Is Hilltop moving its headquarters to Cheyenne?

A6: Hilltop Bank headquarters will remain in Casper.

Q7: Are you on the lookout for other potential expansion sites in Wyoming or perhaps an acquisition?

A7: We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and make our institution stronger. Our focus now is to get off to a great start in Cheyenne.

Q8: How will this impact existing customers?

A8: For our current customers, not much will change. We have five locations in Casper and one in Glenrock that continue to operate as they always have, and we will add an office in Cheyenne. Our goal is to make our Cheyenne customers as welcome and comfortable as our Casper customers.

Q9: Why do you think this is the right time to expand in Cheyenne?

A9: Our research indicated that Cheyenne is a vibrant market that is hungry for local, community banks. There are offices and branches of large national banks, but only a few local banks. We think those two facts make this an attractive place to expand.

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