Shop. Swipe. Save.

When you use your Hilltop Bank debit card, we "RoundUp" the total to the nearest dollar and automatically deposit the difference, from your checking account, into your savings account.

Here's how Hilltop Bank's "RoundUp Savings" works:

Designate up to five savings accounts in which you'd like us to electronically deposit the difference between what you purchase and the next even dollar amount.

How to Get Started:

To sign up for the RoundUp Savings program, you must have a Hilltop Bank checking account, debit card, and a designated account for the savings (any Hilltop Bank savings account). Come into one of our Hilltop Bank locations to open your accounts and get started.

If you already have a Hilltop checking account, debit card, and savings account, you can sign up at the Hilltop office most convenient to you or call (307) 265-2740.