Are Your Assets Titled Appropriately for Your Estate Plan?

Vice President of Personal Trusts, Jennifer Rohrer and Senior Vice President Trust Manager,
Kevyn Morgareidge hosted Hilltop Bank’s first Mentorship Series of the year to answer this question.

What should you consider?

There are many factors to consider when determining if your assets are titled appropriately for your desired estate plan. It can be a hard topic to tackle because death is a hard thing to discuss. Hilltop Bank's trust department can help you make a plan to ensure that your assets transfer according to your wishes.

What can go wrong if affairs aren't in order?

A common issue when assets aren’t titled appropriately is that they may distribute differently than you intended. One way to make sure that your assets end up in the hands of your choice is to set up a trust. A topic discussed was why you might choose a corporate trustee or fiduciary, like Hilltop Bank, as your trustee.

So what’s in it for me?

The 7 Reasons to use a corporate fiduciary:

  1. Gain the advantage of years of experience
  2. Enjoy the potential of even greater investment returns
  3. Protect your wealth - corporate fiduciaries are regulated by both state and federal agencies
  4. Receive reliable and professional service
  5. Value their objectivity
  6. Tap their rich sources of advice and referrals
  7. Enjoy peace of mind